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OK, the prerelease is out and the first bugs were found and fixed.
After the prerelease is before the prerelease. We still have about 70
bugs on the 2.0 milestone. Our goal should now be to target this list.
Not all these bugs need to be fixed before 2.0. A few, especially
feature requests, can be postponed to 2.2. At some point we can also
move some remaining minor problems on the 2.0.1 milestone. But all
these bug reports need to be revisited.  So if you have some spare
time, please do a query on the 2.0 milestone and check if you can
comment on some of these.

Some links that are relevent, just to make things a little easier for everyone.

The bugzilla query page for the prerelease.
There is a bug in the query page, it seems, and the milestone is not
properly read from the CGI query string.  You will have to input the
milestone (2.0) by hand.

The bugzilla bug list for pre-2.0

These should both be one one line, so edit accourdingly

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