Gimp-Print 4.2.6, released January 11, 2004, is a stable release
in the Gimp-Print 4.2 series.  This is expected to be the last release
in the 4.2 series.

Gimp-Print is a suite of printer drivers that may be used with most
common UNIX print spooling systems, including CUPS, lpr, LPRng, or
others.  These drivers provide high quality printing for UNIX
(including Macintosh OS X 10.2 and newer) and Linux systems in many
cases equal to or better than proprietary vendor-supplied drivers, and
can be used for many of the most demanding printing tasks.

This software includes the Print plug-in for the Gimp, and GhostScript
and CUPS drivers, including Foomatic data.

The Print plug-in for the GIMP requires the Gimp 1.2.  The Gimp 1.3
is not supported at this time.

The CUPS driver requires CUPS 1.1.9 or higher.  1.1.14 or above is
highly recommended, as certain translation-related bugs are fixed and
it is possible to print true CMYK.

The Ghostscript driver requires GNU Ghostscript 5.10, 5.50, 6.51, or any
later GNU Ghostscript release based on 6.51 (e. g. 6.52).  It may also
be used with GNU Ghostscript 7.05, or with ESP Ghostscript 7.05.

The IJS GhostScript plugin driver requires GNU Ghostscript 6.53 or
later, ESP Ghostscript 7.05 or later, or APFL GhostScript 7.04 or

Users of Macintosh OS X 10.2 and above can use this package, as the
printing system is based on CUPS, which is supported by Gimp-print.
Note that Macintosh OS X 10.0 and 10.1 (including 10.1.5) cannot use
this package.  We recommend that Macintosh OS X users download the
precompiled installer package from rather than attempt to
build this package from source, as using the installer is much
simpler.  We further recommend that Macintosh OS X users install ESP
GhostScript, to permit printing from Carbon applications (such as most
Adobe applications) that generate PostScript rather than PDF output.
Directions for that are also available at

Please read the README file for full instructions on installing this
package from source code.

Gimp-Print 4.2.6 contains the following major changes over Gimp-Print

* Major bugs fixed:

  1) (bug 627266) The CUPS driver offers an "Autoselect" option for the
     media source (input slot).  This behavior cannot be disabled.
     Previous versions of Gimp-Print did not handle this option
     appropriately.  This option is now handled appropriately, by
     treating it as the default input slot for the printer.

  2) (bug 729918) The PostScript driver (used only in the Print plugin
     for the GIMP) did not operate correctly if the locale was set to
     something other than the US English locale.

  3) (bug 668342) The Canon S-450, and other Canon printers, only
     printed the first page of a multi-page job if the printer was
     hosted on a Windows system.

  4) (bug 842715) The Epson Stylus Color 600, 800, 850, 1520, and 3000
     failed to print in black and white or grayscale at certain

  5) (bug 865253) In certain cases, the PPD file generator for CUPS
     may not generate all of the PPD files, or may not generate them
     correctly.  The underlying problem is some versions of CUPS
     specify a linker command line that forces an old version of the
     Gimp-Print driver library to be used when building the PPD files.

     This fix works correctly unless --disable-static (to disable
     building static libraries) is passed on the command line.
     Normally, only people packaging up Gimp-Print for distribution
     use this option.  If you wish to use this option, please read the
     Exceptions and Workarounds *carefully* for a full description of
     the problem along with suggested methods of procedure.

* New Functionality:

  1) A number of newer Epson Stylus printers and multi-function devices
     are supported.  Please see the supported printers list at the
     bottom of this file for full information on supported printers.

  2) The Canon S200 is now supported.

  3) The European 10x15 cm and US Engineering C paper sizes have been

  4) The CUPS driver now offers normal and reversed paper order,
     permitting printing documents in the correct page order on inkjet
     and some laser printers.

  5) A Czech language translation has been added.

* Quality improvements:

  1) Under OS X, the options are grouped more appropriately, making for
     easier use.

  2) Some Epson printer resolution names have been changed for clarity.
     This change does not introduce an incompatibility.

  3) The escputil command no longer hangs if the printer does not respond.

  4) Minor speed improvement for the HP LaserJet IIP.

  5) Minor adjustment to the HP DeskJet 340 margins.

  6) The PPD files have been audited for conformance to the PPD

* Exceptions and Workarounds:

  1) There are longstanding reports of problems printing with certain
     USB-parallel adapters on Macintosh OS X.  In particular, many
     users have reported problems with the Keyspan adapter; we
     recommend that users having problems try different brands of
     adapters, and avoid using USB hubs.  Please check our
     web site ( for a
     link to a user feedback forum regarding these cables.

  2) Mac OS X users who use the Epson Printer Utility (provided by
     Epson with their standard driver set) to check ink levels and
     perform maintenance tasks, such as head cleaning or head
     alignment, may encounter print job failures when attempting to
     print with the Gimp-Print driver after using the Epson
     utility. The cause for this failure is currently unknown, but the
     workaround is to completely power-cycle the printer, after which
     the Gimp-Print driver should again print normally.  Another
     option is to disable the Epson Printer Utility.

  3) The Mac OS X print dialog may offer an "Autoselect" option as the
     default media source (input slot) on some printers.  This option
     may not be valid and can result in nothing being printed.  The
     workaround is to choose a different setting (explicitly select
     the input slot you wish to use).

  4) The new HP DesignJets have not been fully tuned.  In particular,
     there are reports that they print too light.  This can be
     corrected with the Density adjustment (try 1.5~1.7 or

  5) The list of compatible and potentially compatible Hewlett-Packard
     printers has been updated with the latest available information.
     If a particular printer does not work with the recommended
     driver, we recommend that you try other similar drivers, check
     the Feature Requests at,
     and if the printer is not listed please file a feature request
     (via the Submit New button).

  6) Borderless (full-bleed) printing is not quite correct on the
     Epson Stylus Photo printers that support it (see bug 621668).
     Typically, the left or right margin is off by 1 mm or less,
     resulting in a very fine white strip on that edge.

  7) Many Canon printers do not print correctly at 720x360 DPI.  The
     workaround is to use 360 or 720 DPI.

  8) Many new Epson Stylus printers do not return status to the
     escputil command (for ink level check, etc).  We recommend use of
     the mtink tool (please see for this

  9) With certain versions of CUPS and in certain configurations, if a
     new version of Gimp-Print is installed over an existing version
     genppd will create PPD files based on the older version of
     Gimp-Print rather than the newer version. This will happen if all
     of the following are true:

     1) The cups-config provided by the CUPS driver adds
        -Wl,rpath=/usr/lib. This is done by some versions of CUPS
        reportedly because in some cases the runtime linker does not
        pick up libraries out of /usr/lib.  This can be checked by

        cups-config --libs --ldflags

        and inspecting the output for any mention of "rpath", "RPATH",
        "RUN_PATH", or the like.

     2) There is presently a version of Gimp-Print installed in /usr
        (--prefix=/usr) rather than /usr/local or the like.

     3) Gimp-Print is built dynamically only (--disable-static)

     Note that in general if you install CUPS into a non-standard
     location, and install Gimp-Print into the same location, this
     problem can surface.

     This bug is difficult to detect in a normal build.  It does not
     cause an error to happen during build; the only failure is that
     some PPD files may not be built or may be built with missing

     In this case, the run path embedded in the genppd executable
     points to the version of Gimp-Print installed in /usr/lib. This
     run path overrides any attempt by libtool to look in the build
     directory. The result is that genppd is run against the older
     version of Gimp-Print. If the new version contains additional
     features (more printers, etc.) they will not be available to

     If you wish to use only shared libraries, and do not wish to
     build static libraries at all, there are three workarounds

     1) Build and install Gimp-Print into /usr (rather than
        /usr/local) and then rebuild Gimp-Print from scratch.  This
        will install the correct in /usr/lib, and in
        the rebuild genppd will be run against the correct library.

     2) Remove the old version of Gimp-Print prior to building the new
        version of Gimp-Print.  The important files to remove are
        anything named /usr/lib/libgimpprint*.

     3) Edit cups-config to remove the reference to the run path.

The following bugs have been fixed in Gimp-Print 4.2.6:

627266 Mac OS X: Autoselect option incorrectly offered
668342 Canon S-450 prints only one page of a job
729918 Postscript family driver fails in non-US locale
735493 CUPS PPD files lacking *OutputOrder
842715 Epson 600/800/850/1520/3000 fail at certain resolutions BW
865253 genppd may not generate new PPD files (4.2)

The following bugs have been tested and cannot be reproduced:

764041 CNR: Epson 3000 720x360DPI problem
828993 CNR: Epson SC 850 using Microweave prints tall characters

The following bugs are currently open:

470049 CUPS PPD files not translated on all systems
538097 QUALITY-Canon S400 dark and yellow cast
549677 Canon BJC-1000 functions incorrectly at 720x360 DPI
557868 QUALITY-HP DeskJet 560 is washed out
581168 Canon BJC 250 just spits out pages
601767 Mac OS X: Canon BJC 2100 does not print multiple pages
602933 QUALITY-Canon S800 dark and grainy
613054 Mac OS X: Printing from InDesign 2.0 on OS 10.2.1
614882 QUALITY - Canon BJC-55 is too pale and desaturated
621668 Epson Stylus full bleed prints have slight margin
627978 QUALITY: Canon BJC-6500 has magenta cast.
631937 HP DesignJet Sheet Cutter Problem
641981 QUALITY: HP DesignJets print too light
645116 QUALITY: HP DeskJet regression from 4.1.7
647035 QUALITY: Colors don't match OEM drivers
662988 HP DeskJet 970Cxi page horizontally squeezed
672692 Epson photo 700 single page of multi page job
687656 Paper Positioning Problems Epson 7600
704334 QUALITY: Epson SP 2100: Green Cast/Dark Colours/Poor Greys
811062 Reverse printing

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