More in-between steps in the logaritmic zoom (...,2:1,1:1,1:2, 1:4,...)
would be nice, but nothing fancy like more steps around 1:1 is not
needed here.

There are more important problems relating to the zoom and resolution:
I scanned a drawing and wanted to complete it with GIMP. After I had
zoomed the large image, largest pencil was too tiny for drawing.

This gives an idea that GIMP could have a tool which computes
the scale ratio required for matching the scanned pencil size
with the size of the selected pencil. The tool could work this way:
(1) select the pencil, (2) start the tool, (3) zoom the image
until the selected pencil size matches the scanned pencil size,
(4) start scale operation which takes the zoom ratio as scale ratio.
That would require that GIMP can draw the outline circle (say) of
the pencils.

Does not solve the underlying problems of GIMP, but is better than

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