Jakub Friedl (listy) wrote:

it would be nice. btw, how far is the gegl development? when we can expect gegl based release of gimp to be made? 2005?

I have been working on the pixel access stuff, some ICC colorspace classes using lcms, and some swap stuff. That should be done in a few weeks. The node stuff (of which there is aready a good chuck of it in CVS) will be done some months after that. It all depends on my (and calvins) free time of course (unless someone wants to pay me ;-)).

gegl introduction is slated to begin with the next developers version after 2.0, though we have not set any dates as to when that will lead to new features nor have we decided how this will proceed.

Hopefully it won't be that long to a next stable release of gimp. It would be nice to see it in 2004 (albeit late 2004).


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