Michael Natterer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> This was changed recently and the old API went into gimpcompat.h
> Of course the compat macros still take the image parameter.
> (note that everything in gimpcompat.h is deprecated)

Let me try to clarify this even more....

gimpcompat.h is not included from libgimp/gimp.h and it is not meant
to be used at all. It serves two purposes: First, it documents the
changes that were made to the libgimp API. Second, it helps when
porting a plug-in to the 2.0 API.

When porting a plug-in to the GIMP 2.0 API, first of all, the build
environment needs to be adjusted so it uses the gimp2.0 headers and
libraries. Then, the plug-in can include libgimp/gimpcompat.h and an
attempt can be made to compile it. Most probably a few occurances of
drawable->id will have to be changed to drawable->drawable_id and if
there's a GUI, the call to gimp_dialog_new() will have to be redone
(these changes cannot be covered by gimpcompat.h).

At this point the plug-in should compile and work already but we
aren't done yet. The next step is to remove the inclusion of
gimpcompat.h again and change the code until it compiles and works
again. Then, you should consider to define G_DISABLE_DEPRECATED,
files or as a compiler command-line option. As soon as any warnings
caused by this change are fixed, your plug-in should be ready for 2.0.

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