Tor Lillqvist <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I think what you meant was that one could tell the GIMP toolbox (and
> whatever windows are docked below it) to place itself at some edge of
> the sceen (and maximize its height or width), and then if one would
> maximize a GIMP image window it would only expand just enough not to
> cover the toolbox. This might be doable cross-platform in GTK, using
> so-called window hints. Or some other way.

It would certainly be worthwhile to improve the function that
determines the initial size of a GIMP image window. This function
could take into account the GIMP dockables and other image windows and
check if there's dominant empty space between them. If that's the
case, the image window could be sized so that it fits into this
space. With some luck, the window manager will even put it there ;)
This same algorithm could be made available in the View menu. It would
expand an image window as much as possible w/o overlapping other GIMP

Most of the information necessary to implement such a heuristic could
be taken from the existing session handling code. I don't know however
if there's a portable way to request information about panels or other
non-GIMP windows that should be taken into account.

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