On 31 Jan 2004, at 12:15, Olaf Marzocchi wrote:

> I'd like to retranslate GIMP in italian, the current translation
> almost sucks.
> I searched the main site but I haven't found anything, couls omeone
> tell me how to do it?

First, contact the current translator and inform him/her of your 
intentions. They may be working on a better translation, and you 
might be doing double work needlessly.

My (outdated) source files tell me the names of the translators for 
GIMP 1.3: 

# Daniele Medri <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, 2000
# Marco Ciampa <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, 2003

So my guess would be that you should contact Marco Ciampa.

If he does not want to work on the translation anymore, or if you two 
disagree about the quality of the translation, come back here.

branko collin
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