Kevin Cozens <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> To clarify, I have started looking at porting Guash to the 2.0 API. I
> didn't know if anyone else is doing it but I would like it and it
> would be a good learning exercise. I wanted to have the sample plug-in
> to look at as a template.

Given the state of the guash code and that it never got the reputation
of being stable, I'd advocate to write a new plug-in instead of
attempting to port this code. I've been playing with a thumbnail
browser plug-in to make some more use of libgimpthumb. So far it's a
command-line tool only but it could be interesting to add a GUI to
it. In the end this plug-in could come quite closely to what guash
used to do.

> I found a link to the template on developer.gimp.org so I have a
> released tarball and not a copy from a CVS repository. The sample
> template uses features that are deprecated in the latest CVS copy of
> GTK+ (I didn't mean to say GIMP in my original message).
> If these things have been fixed, sounds like its time to release a
> new tarball.

If you had a look at the CVS version it would have been clear to you
that the new tarball is around the door.

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