Hi Raymond,

raymond ostertag wrote:
Aside from that, there's lots of stuff happenning outside CVS
too... the help team recently did a pre-release of the
gimp-help-2 module, and it's looking very good. Roman, Daniel,
Raymond, Niklas, Sven and everyone else who is working on the help right now are doing a great job.


Perhaps s/sven/julien and sven/? Sven's put quite a bit of time into the docs recently, and it's because of him that we can now make snapshots that actually install.

I consider that Julien is a main doc-writer.

Sorry - excuse the omission - I have understood that you were now the main .fr GIMP docs contributor. Merci Julien for les docs en francais.

L'oublier c'est une insulte grave aux contributeurs !!!
As I know, Sven did'nt wrote any chapter (thank you for install script

Excusez moi tous - j'ai bien sûr pas été complète, et je voulais surtout pas insulter qui que ce soit.


Dave Neary

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