Kevin Cozens <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> On Tue, 2004-02-03 at 04:48, Sven Neumann wrote:
> > Well, it is not only used as a menu-path but also as a (short)
> > description.  Basically, Script-Fu is a mess. Wouldn't you want to
> > rewrite it? We keep looking for someone who wants to redo Script-Fu
> > for quite a while already.
> Looking at that again, you are right (of course). The menu path shows up
> in the second line titled 'Blurb:' in DB Browser. This is good. I
> remember a long time ago when this wasn't there. I would find something
> in the browser I wanted to use but had trouble tracking down where it
> was in the menus.
> I do seem to have painted a target (or at least a sign) on my back as
> Script-Fu maintainer over the last number of days. :-)
> AFAIK, the Script-Fu stuff seems to be working. When you say you want
> someone to redo it, can you be more specific as to what you feel needs
> to be done to it?

Probably the worst thing with the current Script-Fu interpreter is
that its error reporting sucks. This makes it very hard to debug
scripts. Then, the interpreter doesn't provide a full implementation
of SIOD. There are a few things missing that would be extremely
useful. For example functions to deal with the file-system so that one
could write scripts that operate on directories or files that match a
regular expression.

All of this would probably be best solved by redoing Script-Fu using a
full-featured and actively maintained Scheme implementation. Perhaps
things would also already improve if the SIOD implementation in
Script-Fu would be updated to the latest release which is, iirc,
albeit being 8 years old, still two years newer than what we use

Another thing that could be considered is to use a dedicated
interpreter instance for each script. Currently you cannot run two or
more scripts simultanously.

> the moment I hit a call to write_channel and the GTK+ documentation
> I have often found lacking. I'll try and track down some good GTK+
> tutorials since I want to be able to do more GUI related programming
> in Linux.

I suggest you also make yourself comfortable with GObject and would
like to point you to this very nice tutorial: 


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