tis 2004-02-03 klockan 11.02 skrev Roman Joost:
> We're going to make a first release of the gimp-help-2. 
> I want to inform the authors, to have a look over their written content
> and make sure, that the release will not include major spelling or
> grammar errors. The freeze of the sources will be on
> next wednesday the 11th.
> Hopefully, this release will get some more attention of writing content
> and fixing tiny errors for the manual.
> So, keep up the good work and let me know if there are any problems regarding
> the release.
> Greetings,


I will actually have problems getting the Swedish translation done
before next wednesday. I have had so much in school at the moment and
done so many other things at the same time that I have been kind of away
of all the translations. However this weekend I will try to get more
done at least most of the toolbox translations.

Best regards,
Niklas Mattisson <scizzoNOSPAM-at-gimp-dot-org>

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