Hey again,

Actually I have a few other things to remind everyone.

* in src/toolbox/menu.xml the section about "GIMP Online" is still not
translated that much. Not as far as I can see at least. That is
translated and updated after I did the move of the object.

* src/toolbox/tool-*.xml should change the line "Tool Call" to something
else. This is not correct english and I can't seem to find good
translation for the words either. The fact is that I have tried in a irc
channel where there is a lot of translators and they said that I should
bugreport this because it is not correct, and I agree with them that it
sounds weird.

Those are actually the main things I have been looking at right now.

Hope that everyone understands what I am talking about.

Niklas Mattisson <scizzoNOSPAM-at-gimp-dot-org>

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