raymond ostertag wrote:
Julien wrote :
- french translation of main tools - english and french doc for color tools
- english and french doc for the fisrt part of the filters : Blur/ color / Noise / Edge / Enhance / Generic (some filters are still not
committed in CVS)
- english translation for my path tool and corrections of my dialogs doc
I only wrote :
- doc for path tool in french, layer (not in CVS) and channel doc in
french and english
(And also many works on fr.po)

I have looked at the changelog for the docs, and indeed between yourself and Julien, you've written over half of the English docs in there. I really do apologise for the omission - until yesterday I wasn't aware of the work ye had done.

Would it be possible for the dcs team to do occasional update reports like I've tried to do over the past few months? It's easy to forget about ye, because all too often we don't look at the docs until there's a release. Roman did an update recently, and it would be nice if this became a regular feature, just to let us know who to thank :)


Dave Neary

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