"Branko Collin" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> > > I just wanted to add an SDI type view of GIMP, that way 
> > > when you don't have all the floaty windows.
> In GIMP 2, there are already the possibilities of showing the main 
> menu in the image window (I believe it's on by default), and of 
> docking most other windows, so that you don't have too many floaty 
> windows.
> There has also been discussion about some MDI type interface, 
> although the main developers seem dead against it, mainly on account 
> of that they feel this is something that should be solved using the 
> window manager, not the application.

Please note that GIMP does MDI (multiple document interface) already,
it just doesn't folllow the WiW (window in window) approach that some
people seem to prefer for obscure reasons.

A good window manager makes the window-in-window concept unnecessary.
However if someone wanted to develop such an approach for all the poor
users that are forced to use a not so advanced window manager, then it
should probably be addressed at the toolkit level.

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