Daniel Egger <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> FWIW I'm using GIMP 1.2 under OS X and suspect that there might be
> a few freaks who do so, too simply because it's easily to install
> if there's fink on the machine.

Installing gimp2 should be about as easy nowadays.

> BTW: In OSX gtk 2 has really sucky rendering performance compared
> to gtk 1. I haven't tried GIMP v2 as of yet but other applications'
> UIs like gnumeric and evolution are simply slow on my new PowerBook
> which is certainly not a weak performer. FWIW one can feel the
> performance difference between my old PowerBook under Linux and
> the new PowerBook under OS X with the same applications. This is
> quite a showstopper for GIMP v2.

Do you use XFree or the X-Server that Apple provides?

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