>    Please note that GIMP does MDI (multiple document interface)
>    already, it just doesn't folllow the WiW (window in window)
>    approach that some people seem to prefer for obscure reasons.
> Every reference I've ever seen to MDI refers to window in window.  I
> don't understand the purpose of that at all (and I happen to really
> detest it, in any event, since it wastes a lot of screen space).

When using the GIMP I prefer to have the document window maximized.  On
windows this means that the Toolbox will get pushed behind and it is
extremely awkward and I believe this is a significant part of the problem
that most users want solved.  Something as simple as an always on top
option for the toolbox might be enough to make things easier for users
like me who occasionally use crappy window managers.

Speaking of maxmising the avialable workspace and it does seem to be of
interst to more users than just me (I love the fullscreen mode by the way
and) is there any way to hide the scrollbars?
I would like to be able to get rid of the scrollbars and use keys for
scrolling* up and down the page or alternatively use the
overview/navigation widget.
[the following bug is asking for the ability to use specific keys for
scrolling, currently there doesn't seem to be ANY way to assign ANY keys
at all to scrolling http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=53988 ]


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