On Fri, Feb 06, 2004 at 01:48:13PM -0500, Kevin Cozens wrote:
> At 02:13 PM 02/05/2004, Carol Spears wrote:
> >okay, i dont really like script-fu.  i cant read it and it has this way
> >of not telling gimp when it has made an image.
> I am starting to notice a lot of people saying they don't like Script-Fu. 
> As for not being able to read it, that is not helped by the fact that the 
> sample scripts are what I would call obfuscated. By treating the scripts 
> like any other computer program, the proper use of white space and bracket 
> placement greatly improves ones ability to read a script and see the syntax 
> of the language of the script. One of the tutorials I saw for Guile makes a 
> mention of this and shows the Scheme code formatted much better than 
> anything in any of the existing Script-Fu scripts.
when i first started to look at the scripts, script-fu and gimp-perl
madeno sense to me equally, however i could easily recognize the gimp
parts.  iworked with gimp-perl first for the simple reason that there
weretutorials, not only for gimp-perl but also for the perl parts
alone.also books with examples.

in the ultra-truth, due to a search error on my part, my first
"gimpscript" was a gtk-perl stand alone that tried to answer some of the
newwindow gimp users issues with the linux .somethinguseful/here dot
files.i didnt recognize a gimp on windows user at that time so the
wholeproject was just silly.  i wrote "Hello World" and "Totally
Remove"(that would clean the xvpics out at the same time).

that was back in 2000 i think.  lately, i still cannot read the perl
or the script-fu around the gimp commands and i find it just easier to
skip to the monthly (or so blog) located at http://www.paulgraham.com
than it is to remember what "cab" means.

even more recently, i discover that script-fu/LISP is an old fashioned
thing that many people dont even think about any more.

> Is the Script-Fu interpreter supposed to specifically tell GIMP when it has 
> made an image? What function call do other plug-ins use to tell GIMP when 
> they have made an image?
i might not be describing the problem i had with it properly.  i wrote a
script (in python) where a script-fu made an image that was used by
gimp.  my script did not know the image that the script-fu had made.
there were two solutions to the problem, eventually.  instead there was
the equivelent of a fist fight on the irc between me and one of the
script-fu writers that left me and his/her friends laughing.

> >yet, even if there is one user of gimp on windows, these users are used
> >to one button making of images and some of the functions that the
> >scripts give to gimp.  i think there would be a lot more griping and
> >tutorial pointing if you do anything to make it so it is difficult to
> >install the script thing.
> If Script-Fu gets dropped in favour of something else at some point, a 
> Windows installer for the GIMP could be updated to include the extra 
> library or dll needed to use the Script-Fu replacement to keep the 
> installation easy for Windows users. In a Linux (*nix) environment, the 
> GIMP package would only need users to have an additional package installed 
> in order to use the replacement. I don't see installation as being a big 
> issue. It can be handled in the best way once a replacement is available.
while i have seen a lot of things written in python that i could not
read; i can make some sense out of the gimp-python scripts and it seems
to be easier to learn with it and get help with it.  at least as far as
gimp is concerned.  python cannot be included in gimp source.

what was nice about moving the old scripts and the old server along with
this new gimp was that one button functionality the new users might need
and want more than the older (ie pre-gimp on windows users) prefer. i
knew if i ever got it to work on my moms computer, those scripts would
be there ....


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