Does it really? Aren't tablets (at least the more expensive, pressure- and tilt-sensitive ones) mainly used by graphics arts professionals? These guys typically live and breathe in Photoshop, don't they? I doubt they would switch en masse to GIMP, even if their tablets did work perfectly in GIMP on Windows.


I am a graphics arts professional and I use mainly Gimp. I do not need pre-press 
like CMYK and so on so I am perfectly happy with current Gimp on Linux (2.0 is 
i thank all developers!) BTW tablets are not only used by professionals, but also by 
hobbyists, for example digital photographers. I know many amateur photographers which 
use Gimp if it supported their tablet. A small tablet (with pressure sensitivity) can 
be bought
for less than 50 Euro and this price is perfectly reasonable for any graphic arts 
hobbyist. At
least it is far cheaper than Photoshop.

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