Juhana Sadeharju <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> >What we are aiming for is a lot more complex than what GtkPreview is
> >providing. The goal is to have a widget that can zoom and pan. It
> >should also provide an API that allows to use the same image
> >processing routines for the preview as are used for the drawable. The
> >plug-in author shouldn't have to care much about the preview.
> Does this mean you continue with the plugins which create their own
> dialog and all interactive manipulation happens there, like gfig?

GFig is supposed to be completely replaced by the vectors tool sooner
or later so that's probably not a good example.

> I wish plugins like gfig would operate on the image/view, not
> in separate window like now.

We are mainly seeking for a short-term solution here that allows to
add a preview to existing plug-ins w/o too many changes. What you are
asking for is pluggable tools. This was attempted in the 1.3 series
but we backed this change out because it exposed too much internals
that are not yet in the state where we want anything but the core to
work with it.
> MIP images would mean that large images may be efficiently edited at
> lower resolution. The operations are reflected to high resolution
> images later or when the system is idle enough.

A GEGL-based GIMP is supposed to allow exactly that but we will have
to do some rather major changes before this becomes real.

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