"Adam D. Moss" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I've just checked a small backlog of fixes into GIMP HEAD's PSD
> loader.  Quick testing (i.e. whether it compiles :() from someone
> with HEAD would be welcome, since I guess we're getting close to
> GIMP 2.0.

Would be nice if someone could check if this commit fixes one or more
of the outstanding bug reports against the PSD plug-in. These are:

 ID     TargetM Summary

 123321 2.0     PSD plugin crashes importing a file
 68538  1.2.6   psd plugin crashes on output of Panorama Tools
 123888 2.0     PSD images gets wrong "modulo"
 122602 2.0     Gimp 'psd' plugin crashes trying to load file
 102910 Future  Cannot load this .psd (attachment) file.
 121871 2.0     Saving large PSD's make the psd plugin crash.

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