David Ashley-Smith <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Just a quick question regarding GIMP-1.2.5: I've been improving tips
> of the day, and would like to change the image associated with
> them. After a bit of fruitless looking around, I assume it is
> compiled into the GIMP executable. I couldn't find a matching image
> in the source code either though. Could someone tell me where it is?

Yes, the image is indeed compiled into the gimp-1.2 source code.
app/wilber.h if I remember correctly.

Please note however that the 1.2 codebase is basically not being
maintained any longer and since the tips are translated, we cannot
change the tips in the stable branch, even if we wanted to spend that
effort on the 1.2 tree.

Since we are close to the 2.0 release, we can also not do any changes
to the tips file in the HEAD branch. We promised the translators to be
conservative with string changes. But as soon as gimp-2.0 is out, we
would very much welcome to integrate a reviewed tips tile. And of
course we can also change the tips image (it is not compiled into
gimp-2.0, but taken from data/images/wilber-wizard.png). The tips
itself are found in tips/gimp-tips.xml.in. Note the .in suffix. This
file is merged with the various translations to generate the final
gimp-tips.xml that is then installed.

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