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   Date: Sat, 21 Feb 2004 22:04:11 +0200

   You don't know?  There could be many. Using somebody else's name
   and address is one, that is up to Sven and others to decide what
   they do about it.

There's nothing at all that Sven can do about it.  Some automated
software harvested Sven's address somewhere (probably from somebody's
address book).  That person's computer is/was infected, but tracking
it down would be hopeless.  Even if that one individual who was
infected is tracked down, there will be hundreds, thousands, or even
millions more.

   Sending a virus is illegal too, right?

   And if I would want to do something, I would file a case against
   the persons whos names appear in the mails. But pretty quickly I
   would learn the addresses were maybe faked. I don't have to
   understand these technical issues for filing a case.

As others have pointed out, faking the sender address is trivial.

   The message-id said an hungarian(?) site. Can adm block the mails
   where the sender address does not match the message-id?  These
   large binary postings are specially annoying for me, a digest

A spam block and virus scanner on the list could help, and that's
probably the one practical thing the list maintainer could do.
However, it won't catch everything, and the spammers aren't standing
still either.

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