Hi all,

For funding requests for GIMPCon in Norway, it will be very useful to have cost estimates for the event for the GIMP.

Could everyone planning to go to Kristiansand send an estimate of how much money they will need to get there? Also, could you mention whether you will need some money in advance to pay for a plane ticket or something? If we know that you need money in advance, we can try and work something out.

Your expenses should cover transport and accommodation, and you should also say how much you really need - so for example, "My plane ticket is 350, and hotel will be about 150 for the 3 nights, so that makes 500, but I guess I could get there with 300 and put up the other 200 myself". Basically, the chances are that there will not be enough money to cover all expenses, but if there aren't we'll try to cover the minimum to have the maximum amount of people there.

If you could do a quick search, and send me this information this week, that would be cool.


Dave Neary

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