Hi all,

On IRC a few days ago Sven asked if anyone was working on a press release for 2.0.

I got thinking that it would be nice to have a press package for the release, which would contain
- A press release
- Some detail about the GIMP ("The GIMP is..." with the spiel from the web-page, perhaps spruced up a little)
- A detailed document of user visible features in the release
- Perhaps an article for lazy magazine writers so that they could take the article, change some paragraphs around, and have a 1 or 2 page article on the GIMP in their April issues.

I have started a rubric on the Wiki for the press file, which has these 4 sub-topics. It would be really cool for people to contribute to this (please, say on the list of you are writing something for this so that people can get collaborative on this).

Here's what's there so far:

Raymond Ostertag and jimmac have both been working on a list of features in the 2.0 GIMP - here's Raymond's version (in French):

Here's the (in progress) translation in English (Sorry, Raymond, I haven't had the time to read it - perhaps someone on the list will give some feedback):

There are also links to what's new in GAP and a tutorial for the new paths tool, which it would be nice to have translated soon.

The screenshots need to be updated for the English version.

The article needs to be completely written, if we are going to include it (and that's optional).

So - who has some time to help out with this? Pipe up.


Dave Neary

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