On Feb 11, 2004, at 10:51 pm, Nathan Carl Summers wrote:

IIRC, didn't early versions of OS X have truly pitiful amounts of shared
memory available? Perhaps that is the reason.

So now I recompiled GTK 2.2.4 with SHM and I cannot sense any difference in behaviour. However scrolling in gnumeric is still as slow[1] as before.

I must say that GTK 1.2 runs like a charm here, even without
SHM. GIMP 1.2 starts in a couple of seconds with all plugins on a
cache cold system and is snappy all over...

I really need to try 2.0 soon....

[1] Perceived feeling, as long as it's possible to occupy 100%
    of the CPU power by scrolling a bit with the mouse wheel
    and then watching it move for minutes it's still *much*
    *too* slow and this hasn't changed.


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