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> Hi,
> I want to point out that we, the GIMP developers, are well aware of
> the problems you outlined. A few of them will need substantial changes
> and are supposed to be addressed with GEGL. Others (like TIFF tags)
> are rather trivial to fix and I wonder why you did not attempt to fix
> them yourself or get someone to fix them for you.

It was not a problem in production so I saw no reason to address it. In the
future though at least in this industry it definitely will become one for both
applications and I am sure many others. They had also decided to move to PS
further reducing the purpose of adding the support.

> So much said, your comments don't fit very well into this thread and I
> changed the topic in an attempt to keep discussion on them separate
> from the funding discussion.
> Sven
> PS: I assume that you tuned your tile-cache setting and did not attempt
>     to work on 500MB images with the default settings, or did you?

That I have.

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