I don't think I'll be attending GimpCON in Kristiansand myself, but as a
Norwegian I thought I might be able to help out with some info:

Continental Airlines recently announced a direct flight between New York
(Newark Intl.A) and Oslo that is due to start on the 18th of June.  This
might results in cheaper flights on that route, both from them and from
companies offering other routes between the two cities.

For Europeans, Ryanair fly to Torp Airport, which conveniently also cuts the
travel time from the airport to Kristiansand in half, compared to Oslo
Gardermoen.  Unfortunately, Ryanair only fly to and from three destinations,
Frankfurt Hahn, Glasgow Prestwick and London Stanstead, but with their cheap
prices it might still be worth the extra travel to the airport.

Someone mentioned bringing tents.  There's a rock festival (www.quart.no) in
Kristiansand a week before GimpCON where a lot of people bring tents so that
shouldn't be a problem, both wrt the climate and availability of green
pastures. ;)

Hope this helps,


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