On Feb 25, 2004, at 10:35 am, Mark Shuttleworth wrote:

Image manipulation is one of the key application areas that needs to be addressed for open source tools to become the mainstream desktop environment. I'm currently funding a number of different open source projects, and am considering funding work on the GIMP or CinePaint.

I can only speak for myself but being somewhat impressed by the GNOME bounty system, I'd like to recommend you the following to boot:

- Identify problem areas (talk to users, let usability experts speak up, etc.)
- Split up tasks in handleable subtasks
- Set up a website specifying all taks and the possible money to get
- Wait for people to show up and implement the tasks
- Pay the money

The bounty is to be paid once the feature or solution has been
successfully integrated into the main GIMP CVS repository and
acknowledged by the maintainer(s).

This IMO works much better than any global funding where misc. people benefit
while others probably doing the more interesting jobs do not.


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