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Dave Neary wrote:
- If anyone would like to donate an article on The GIMP 2.0, it is most welcome (this might also be a source of revenue for funding if magazines re-print it).

Speaking of magazines, that reminds me of one thing we have not done.

I have started a new page in PressPack, MagazineAddresses. Could people add the following information:

- Magazine name
- editor's e-mail address
- postal address if available

for all Linux, digital photography and image processing magazines in their country? We should split this by country.

Thanks very much to Branko Collins for getting this list started with UK and Dutch contacts.

An alternative method would be to have volunteers volunteer to send out the press pack for their country to all relevant magazines. It would be a brilliant thing for LUGs to do to cut CDs of The GIMP 2.0 plus all of the extras for cover CDs.


Dave Neary

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