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The print output from gimp2.0pre4 "german" is also buggy like in the
versions. If i like to print with gimp with LANG=en is all ok. If i use

[EMAIL PROTECTED] it does not work. With the same printer preferences
with turboprint"
printername - Stylus640,
printer - PostScript Level 2,
command - lp -s -dStylus670,
pppd-file - /usr/share/cups/model/turboprint/Epson_StylusColor670.ppd
it works with english language.
But if i change to german i get no preview.
The developers from turboprint mean its a bug in the "translation" of
floatingpoint numbers if using german. It "translates" the decimal
point to a
decimal comma.
Knows anybody something about this?

Thanks Frank

The locale that fixes the decimal is LC_NUMERIC.
The value for this for fr_FR ou de_DE is the comma.
I suppose the bug is in Turboprint which is not aware of the locale. A call to setlocale() should be done in this program ...

A quick fix is to use LC_NUMERIC=C in your environement. Doing so you will get everywhere a dot instead of a comma as a decimal separator which is IMHO harmless.

                        - Jean-Luc

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