Gezim Hoxha ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> --- Dave Neary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > In the drop-down box from the text tool font button,
> > there is a button "Open the 
> > font selector dialog". This dialog allows navigation
> > by arrow keys. This is also 
> > a dockable, so you can add it to the dock beside
> > (say) paint brushes so that it 
> > is easily accessible while you are using the text
> > tool.
> I've tried this before, but I don't get the wanted
> results. When the "font selection dialog" opens I
> click on fonts, and use the arrow key but the font
> type on the current selected text layer doesn't
> change. Does it need configuring in anyway?

Try doubleclicking on the text layer in the layers dialog.
Then the fonts dialog should change the font on that layer.

Hope this helps,
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