I have been asked to make amorous advances towards everyone of you in
order to convince you to join the effort of building a web-site that
reflects the fact that GIMP is going 2.0. The plan is too work on what
is mmmaybe,gimp.org at the moment and have it moved to www.gimp.org
this weekend. But before this can happen, the site should be updated
for 2.0. Let me cite the words of Shawn Amundson:

  The only criteria for moving the site over will be content.

  To make it easier to contribute, I will volunteer to accept text to
  be used on the website via the gimp-web mailing list, and I will use
  the contributions to modify the site this weekend.  That should help
  anyone who does not have CVS access to contribute or just does not
  have time to markup the text or figure out the build system.

  It would be extremely helpful to have someone provide really
  kick-ass screenshots of GIMP 2.0.  It would be nice to integrate
  Wilber into the screenshots in some fashion.

So, if you can afford a good deal of spare time this weekend, please
join the gimp-web mailing-list, join the #gimp irc channel and help us
to make this new web-site happen.

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