Robert L Krawitz wrote:
I'm the Gimp-Print project lead, that's why I asked the question :-)

I know :) Sorry to hear the 5.0 release is still a bit away.

In the 5.0 tree, the plugin has been split into two pieces, a UI
library (libgimpprintui) and the GIMP plugin proper (which is tiny,
and contains all of the GIMP-specific code).  We should work out the
appropriate ownership of of these two components, and the correct
dividing line.

It would be really great if you would continue to maintain the gimp-print plug-in that's in GIMP CVS. Understandably, since gimp-print is now very much its own project, our release schedules aren't going to match up for the most part, but currently the goal would be to support the latest stable release of gimp-print in the GIMP.

Having 2 GIMP plug-ins (1 in gimp-print that's based on the last stable GIMP and another in the GIMP that's based on the last stable gimp-print) doesn't really make sense. I would propose that the gimp-print plug-in gets updated in the GIMP tree when the libgimp API changes, and then gets updated to use the new gimpprint when a stable release comes out.

What do you think?


Dave Neary

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