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> Hi,
> Alan Horkan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > PS How are the Splash and About images still PPM format* because I was
> > wondering why they aren't in a smaller format like PNG?
> > (* I dont have the latest copy of GIMP 2.0 handy otherwise I'd check)
> Please get a recent copy then or refrain from commenting on our
> code. These files are PNG for more than 2 years now. You could have
> downloaded a new version in the meantime.

I have previously used the GIMP 1.3.x builds but I just didn't have a copy
conveniently in front of me that I could check against.

So it was a dumb question.

> Of course we know about the problems that l10n can introduce.

I phrased the comment about localisation poorly, I realise it doesn't read
well and of course I wasn't suggesting you dont know about localisation.

> However the solution to this problem is not to add some arbitrary extra
> space but to adjust either the widget or the font size dynamically.

Adjusting thing dynamically was the problem!
The minimum size for the widget wasn't big enough so it kept resizing and
that resizing was the annoying glitch in question.

> Usually the widget is adjusted but for the about dialog we adjust the
> font size and I consider to do the same for the splash.

I dont know why distributions that support startup notification dont just
disable the splash screen since they dont have any technical reason for
having it.

I'll just disable the splash sceen on my machine and not mention it again.

- Alan
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