I would have loved to be able to announce 2.0rc1 tonight. We have come
very close but we are not yet there. From the approximately 30 bugs
that were on milestone 2.0 last weekend, we are done to 4 now. These are:

 #130985 (blocker)
 Text tool broken with respect to Undo

 I have done quite some work to prepare text undo and I think I should
 be able to get this done together with Mitch during the next days. I
 might even be able to rush something into CVS tonight that fixes the
 bug, but since the changes are rather invasive, I think it is better
 to delay 2.0rc1 for a few days to get this done right.

 #120021 (blocker)
 GIMP Crashes when undoing editing of a blured text layer

 This is effectively a duplicate of bug #130985. But I'd like to keep
 it open to make sure that as soon text undo lands in CVS, it is
 verified that this bug can be closed as well.

 Add i18n support to help system

 The solution to this has been discussed and everyone seems to agree
 on the proposals I've made. The changes are small and rather simple,
 so we should by all means get them done for 2.0rc1.

 Toggling layer visibility cancels active tool

 There is no fix on sight for this one and I am afraid that it will
 most probably not be fixed for 2.0. But we can as well keep it open
 and push it to 2.0.1 when the other 3 bugs have been fixed.

So, as said, we came very close. I don't want to promise anything but
I think we will get 2.0rc1 out during the week. That would allow us to
do 2.0.0 next weekend provided there are no major problems with the
release candidate.

Judging from the CVS activity, the gimp-web team has done a lot of
work as well. Perhaps someone involved could give a status update on
that effort as well?

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