On Fri, 2004-03-19 at 01:38, Daniel Rogers wrote:
> More details have come forward about the Mark Shuttleworth offer.  Mark 
> Shuttleworth made up his mind and decided to fund myself and Calvin to 
> work on GEGL and GIMP/GEGL integration.  Until today, I didn't have any 
> specific details on the offer.

Congratulations to us! This is good news for the future of GIMP/GEGL. A
big thank you to Mark for sponsoring us.

> The final thing I want to do here is to seek out what people think about 
> putting a "sponsors" section on the new webpage, and devoting some space 
> to thank Mark Shuttleworth for this (and hell, our past sponsers too). 
> Also, I want to prepare a press release about this, and would like some 
> help with that.  I can write the content, but those current press 
> releases are so purty, and I'd like any new one to look like them.

If you provide the contents I will be happy to help formatting the press
release using LaTeX as I've done with the current press release.

> First my milestone list, as I sent to Mark Shuttleworth.  Please tell me 
> if it is sane.

>From a quick read through I think the milestones look sane when taking
into consideration that one developer will work on them full time.

The only thing that struck me as missing was the work involved with
porting the plug-ins to the new API, but RaphaŽl already pointed that
out in another reply to this thread.

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