Hi Kelly,

I understand your basic points, but...

Admittedly, the Windows command prompt (not simply Explorer) is less capable
than most *nix command shells.  However, there are also a very large number
of Windows based GIMP users, and one of the requirements of GIMP 2.x is that
it should be as usable under Windows as it is on other operating systems.
I'm not familiar with R5RS, and you could certainly be right in your opinion
regarding that.  However, as a Windows GIMP user (and much more rarely a
GIMP bug, patch, fix, and enhancement contributor), I want to make sure that
there isn't excessive *nix bias that inhibits or ignores usability needs
under Windows.

For example, in one past case, I wanted to run a simple GIMP script from the
Windows command shell, and there wasn't one single person (Sven and everyone
else included), who was able to tell me how to arrange the quoting to get
the script to run along with the required parameters.  That level of
disfunctionality is not acceptable, and should be eliminated, even if it
means doing something like "abandoning" (or modifying) certain *nix based
standards for the Windows version of the GIMP.

Obviously though, I do realize the strong need to minimize any such
Windows-specific behavior, and that any such differences should receive a
great deal of very careful consideration before implementation.  In the past
however, I feel that the scale may have been tipped slightly too far against
Windows on such issues.


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> Kevin Myers wrote:
> > You seem to know what you're talking about Kelly, so I'll have to accept
> > your word that my suggestion is un-Scheme-like.  However, please verify
> > thing regarding your suggestion:  How do you handle parameter values
> > imbedded blanks or other "special" characters?
> (True) Scheme has a quoting mechanism for this issue, which is relatively
> defined.  It might be tricky to quote those quotes when you're using an
> command shell (such as Windows Explorer), but this should be considered a
> of those environments -- and is certainly no reason to abandon the R5RS
> Kelly
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