Kevin Myers wrote:

Hi Kelly,

I understand your basic points, but...

Admittedly, the Windows command prompt (not simply Explorer) is less capable
than most *nix command shells.  However, there are also a very large number
of Windows based GIMP users, and one of the requirements of GIMP 2.x is that
it should be as usable under Windows as it is on other operating systems.
I'm not familiar with R5RS, and you could certainly be right in your opinion
regarding that.  However, as a Windows GIMP user (and much more rarely a
GIMP bug, patch, fix, and enhancement contributor), I want to make sure that
there isn't excessive *nix bias that inhibits or ignores usability needs
under Windows.

Windows inhibits its own usability in this respect. It is nearly impossible to get imbedded quotes from the Windows command line. This is a defect in the Windows shell. Getting around it would force us to use some weird character for string quoting, which would be confusing to everyone. In my opinion, the sacrifice is not worth the gain: we should not have to do something Weird and Bizarre to cope with Microsoft's inferior product.


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