Kelly Martin ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> Kevin Myers wrote:
> > Admittedly, the Windows command prompt (not simply Explorer) is less
> > capable than most *nix command shells.  However, there are also a
> > very large number of Windows based GIMP users, and one of the
> > requirements of GIMP 2.x is that it should be as usable under Windows
> > as it is on other operating systems.
> Windows inhibits its own usability in this respect.  It is nearly 
> impossible to get imbedded quotes from the Windows command line.  This is a 
> defect in the Windows shell.  Getting around it would force us to use some 
> weird character for string quoting, which would be confusing to everyone.  
> In my opinion, the sacrifice is not worth the gain: we should not have to 
> do something Weird and Bizarre to cope with Microsoft's inferior product.

Also please consider, that scripting from the commandline is not the
thing the average Windows- (and even Linux-) user needs. If a windows
user really needs scripting, I'd recommend to install e.g. a bash.

The other option always is to use  "gimp-1.3 --batch -" and pass
the commands to execute to stdin.

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