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TheMark Shuttleworth offer)

> On Fri, Mar 19, 2004 at 10:11:53PM -0600, Kevin Myers wrote:
> > Hmmm, I wonder why using the --batch option wasn't suggested when I ran
> > the problems that I mentioned previously...
> >
> i was part of this discussion.  you were given honest answers from the
> linux people developing TheGIMP.

Absolutely.  I never questioned that, and I appreciated the help.  That
doesn't mean that there might not be some room for improvement of gimp
command line handling under Windows.

> we all use Image Magick to do batch
> processing.

And so do we, *when possible*.  In this case, and in many others with the
extremely large images that we work with, that was *not* a possibility.

> The manpages are some of the best written and the convert,
> mogrify and other image magick commands usually come with every linux
> distribution.

As mentioned previously, we are also IM and GM users.  Yes, those are
excellent applications, and the developers of those products have been very
helpful and extremely considerate of the needs of Windows users.  Those
applications, while excellent for many purposes, and getting better all the
time, would *not* handle our needs in this specific case, while a GIMP
script would, if it could have been properly executed from the command line.

> if i need more than Image Magick can do, i write python scripts.

Well, that's fine for you.  You know python.  We don't.  And though I try to
make a few contributions to the GIMP when I can, I have a full time job, and
simply don't have enough time to constantly be developing stuff, reporting
bugs, and suggesting fixes all of the time, just like many of the other
minor contributors.

> All of
> the gimp scripts have a browser which should avoid any problems that a
> GIMP User on Windows(TM) should have.

That's assuming that it is one of the built-in scripts.  This was a script
of *my own* development, which unfortunately could not be used due to the
scheme argument handling problems from the gimp command line under Windows.

> also, if you really  like to use the command line, why ever are you
> using Windows?

Thoroughly explained in my previous email.  You're assuming that everyone
else's needs and situations are the same as your own, and they are *not*.

> > Unfortunately, it has been so long ago now that I don't remember the
> > details.  I gave up trying after a couple of days of trial and error
plus a
> > number of related emails.  I can't think of any reason at this point why
> > that wouldn't have been a reasonable solution.

As Tor's email reminded me, this option didn't work under Windows, so that's
why I couldn't use it.

> >
> i have a complaint about the way emails are being formated on what
> should be a repectable mail list.  i am sending it in a different email.
> carol
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