Daniel Rogers wrote:

Which is, once solve in closed form, an exponential decay. Exactly what I would expect. At the very least, it is obvious that the above equation qualitatily reflects the properties of an exponential exposure time, assuming that a single interation represents some fixed (short) extra exporsure time. I am not sure if this represents an actual approximation. I don't acutally have any source material for burn, except for the knowledge of want the process is.

On a related noted, I notice that a brush in burn mode won't burn white, no matter how hard I try. That doesn't seem correct to me. Shouldn't a burn darker a white area (it will darken everything up to 255)? Also, same for dodge and black. Shouldn't a dodge lighten a black area?

After doing a little research with the developers, dodge and burn are, in fact, farkin broken. I'll look into a real version of this.


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