hi, not a troll -- a girl who has been involved for a while,
On Sat, Mar 20, 2004 at 04:26:33PM +0100, Thomas L?bking wrote:
> On Saturday 20 March 2004 15:38, Carol Spears wrote:
> first: i hope this is not a troll trial (that would have trapped me)
> second: i'm using linux as well - so you don't me when talking about users of 
> other (so called) OSs
> third: what in the gimp 2.0 (pre) do you think is "crap"
> fourth: it seems to happen, that actual software tries to make use of actual 
> hardware to enhance features and usability
> fith: if a 486 cannot run gtk2 (not sure about that) you just cannot use it
> sixth: afaik gimp has a noninteraktive mode (that should work on your 486)
> seventh: gimp is open source, well documented and has (as i could just figure 
> out) a helpfull developer community: if you cannot use the current ui you 
> could start to write gtk1 interface
> eighth: why are you that aggressive? (and - regarding your last post - 
> insulting)
> finally: i just joined this list - so please excuse me if i was trapped by a 
> known troll
when i first started to use the gimp, i was using a 486 with a 70M hard
drive.  my dad donated his 486 that had basically twice the ram and also
a 133M hard drive.  i made quite a bit of art and helped my photographer
friend with these two powerful enough computers.

lately i use this friends computer -- a 450 something or other.  when i
started to learn a little about hardware and such; it started to occur
to me that TheGIMP had performed miracles with linux on that computer
when compared to Photoshop and other graphics manipulation apps with
Windows on this computer.  

this experience; using the gimp to accomplish a lot with very little has
been invaluable to me.  i really know the differences between selections
and layers and how it plays with the cpu or swap -- i might not know the
proper names or acronyms of the parts of the computer that were affected
but i clearly understand the effect on the computer as a whole.

i had been using TheGIMP for years before i used the irc.  when i met my
heros on the irc they treated me in many ways.  from abusive to far to
lovingly.  they were all linux developers then and most refused to use

most of them were very unhappy with tml's port -- even if it is
difficult not to simply adore tml the human being.  such a gracious and
eloquant developer is very very very very rare.  he really brought out
the best in some of the worst of them.  i like that he moved TheGIMP to
windows -- my reasoning then was that my mom could use it.

i have recently figured out that my mom will never be mentally agile
enough to use TheGIMP or most software on a computer.

they actually did not believe that i was able to make such art with so
little equipment.  they made me spit the information about my computer
directly onto my website -- as if i knew how to edit it!

if you think i am trolling this list to try to help stop any stupid
logic and reasoning from entering into the way the gimp works; i am.

if you think i am here to play the devils advocate and suggest the exact
opposite -- for instance, then you are right.  if this is a troll; i am.

perhaps i know what the lead developers actually want.  perhaps i am one
of the people who encouraged them to think more positively about windows
development of TheGIMP.  maybe i troll this list to help them to stay
away from the troubles they were worried about introducing into the way
gimp works.

degrading the way gimp works to compensate for something that windows
did not do for a group of people who made a mess because they opted to
work on windows to begin with should not happen.

if you consider being the person to catch nasa using old outdated
libgimp being a troll -- well, that is me also.  what do you think the
chances of the gimp-1.0 red error and the nasa miscalculation of the
"color of the universe" to be independent of each other by dumb luck
well, i am a troll.

linux has its problems.  i am seeing that it is much better financially
to not do anything and to have people patiently explain your absence and
let you sit there and not contribute for 4 years is better than to be
the person constantly contributing.

however -- when it comes to what gimp does, i would take even one more
Sven Neumann and go into debt even more with Manish Singh than one
Windows user with a few bad ideas.  combined they have the personallity
of say, 6 wet towels -- but they have the curse of being able to think
logically and that is better for gimp than any group of people who let
themselves get caught up in a Windows mess.

so, you decide if i am a troll or not and be my guest -- delete the
mails or even better yet tell your spam filter about me.


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