On Sat, Mar 20, 2004 at 12:39:23AM -0600, Kevin Myers wrote:
> It is utterly ridiculous that simply because I voiced concerns about and
> would like for the ability to have gimp scripts execute properly from the
> command line under Windows that you accuse me of "making the GIMP suck".
> The suggestions that I offered earlier this evening were only thrown out for
> consideration, and I didn't try to force those down anyone's throat.  All
> that I asked was that GIMP developers try to give adequate consideration to
> the needs of Windows based gimp users rather than selecting an
> implementation that I was worried might have an adverse impact.

FWIW, the suggestion was ill-researched. (foo image=bar) is so very very
un-Scheme like, which is surprising to hear from someone who has apparently
written scripts from scratch. It pays to be versed in the language you're
dealing with.

> Some bias towards Linux and other Unix based systems is completely
> understandable and acceptable to everyone.  We all appreciate the
> deficiencies of Windows and its poor record of adhering to standards (though
> there are *many* similar examples in the *nix world as well).  We also
> appreciate that the Linux community is making the biggest share of
> contributions to the GIMP development effort.
> What I don't appreciate, is your apparent lack of sympathy towards users who
> have *no* choice but to run under Windows (for any of numerous reasons) and
> who simply desire to use the gimp (just as you claim to), and to help
> enhance it to meet *their* needs, just as you enhance it to meet your own
> needs under Linux.  The gimp is an open source product, and is also
> supported and developed by Windows users, not just *nix heads.  So what
> gives you the right to presume that only *nix developers can own and control
> the GIMP (as your comments seem to imply), and to ignore the needs of
> Windows based users and the feedback and proposals of Windows based
> contributors?

Except there are a number of ways already to workaround the deficiencies
of the windows shell. Even if --batch - is broken, you could always save
a script out to a file, put it in the scripts dir, and call it from the
command line.

> I'm not saying at all that has happened in this specific instance regarding
> the issues that I raised earlier this evening and the subsequent discussion.
> What I am saying Carol, is that some of you appear to be having a rather
> knee jerk reaction against someone else who is merely trying to help the
> GIMP better support the operating system that they are using, no different
> than anyone else who might happen to be using some other OS.  If the
> approach that I suggested won't work or will cause real problems under
> another OS, that's fine.  But what isn't fine is to say in essence "we don't
> care about Windows users and contributors, and we're not going to listen to
> their input", which is basically what I got out of your reply.

It's also better to research your suggestions a little, so that they don't
sound completely out there, thereby reinforcing the viewpoint that Windows
users are clueless.

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