as most of you probably have noticed already, the 2.0rc1 tarball is
available from ftp://ftp.gimp.org/pub/gimp/v2.0/testing/.

The plan is to do the 2.0.0 release tomorrow afternoon/evening
(middle-european time). Then switch the web-site, give the mirrors
some time to catch up and announce the release. Details about the
web-site switch and when to send out announcements still need be to
figured out, but I thought I let you know that 2.0 is going to
happen. Really.

In order to celebrate the GIMP 2.0 release, there are going to be
release parties. So far the Wiki lists two parties:

  Friday, March 26th 2004 (starting 21:00)
  at c-base, Rungestr. 20, Berlin, Germany

  GIMP hackers, GIMP users, fans and friends of Wilber, everyone's invited.
  If you like, you can bring your leather mask

  Thursday, March 25th 2004 (starting 19:00)
  at Le Magali, 114 rue Paul Bert, Lyon, France (in conjunction with ALDIL)

  Lyon Linux users group, a couple of GIMP hackers will be about, and
  we might even have some GNOMErs come in.

If you cannot join one of these parties, why don't you organize your
own and Bring out The GIMP with some friends? Please add your party to
the list at http://wiki.gimp.org/gimp/ReleaseParty.

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