Joao S. O. Bueno schrieb:
On Sunday 28 March 2004 16:47, Sven Neumann wrote:

I have also one other improvement I think I could work on, and this would be great, so I might even postpone the above PDB stuff:
Postscript saving plug-in.

Actually, I have a similar list of things I believe I can implement in it, more or less in this order:
- Add a "save one layer per page" option, with metadata on postscript comments to allow reloading without loosing layer Info.

you don't want to loose layer info. But you should notice that you will loose image data. The PostScript files are rasterized by GhostScript and this will not give you back the original image. I would not recommend to use PostScript for information storage. Only if you work around ghostscript and use your own routines to get everything back (including raster data).

An option "load layer per page" would be quite useful.

- Add a rough (or maybe full) transparency support for postscript saving
- Allow to save vectors as postscript paths, along with meta data to get them back on GIMP

Same as above. Isn't there a format that supports saving paths ? How about XCF ?


- Allow to save GIMP unstransformed text layers as postscript stroken paths - this could allow a 150dpi image with text on it to get press-ready, without great loss of information,as text would be vectorial.
- Add color correction to PS save.

This last one would be the greatest of them all, but also, the one I know less about how would be done. I imagine that with online help of whoever will be working on the color-profiles functionality (either on #gimp, or by e-mail), I can manage the postscript-side of it.

Also, to be added to the list of what I think is feasible:
        - Add Vector Layers functionality.
        (Simon, you there? )
        And I  would happily add them to the postscript save.  :-)



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