On Mon, Mar 29, 2004 at 10:09:37AM -0800, William Skaggs wrote:
> First, though, a little terminology.  As I will use the terms, a
> "plug-in" is an external executable that interacts with the Gimp core
> via the plug-in mechanism.  A "filter" is a plug-in that changes a
> drawable in some way.   Only some plug-ins are filters -- there are
> others that read or write specific file formats, set the foreground
> color, interact with the PDB, etc.  The plan I will describe here
> really only applies to filters -- other types of plug-ins may well
> call for other types of interface. 
would it be reasonable to have plug-ins that change the drawable to work
on a copy of the drawable?  that would take away the need to
differentiate between the two.


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