You have valid points Bill.  However, popping up unnecessary dialogues will
also undesirably slow down and get in the way of many users.  If you proceed
with your suggested changes, then I would strongly suggest an option to
bypass the dialogue for plug-ins that don't really need one.


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> >> 1) Every filter should produce a dialog when called interactively.
> >> At the moment, some just do their thing without showing any dialog:
> >> this is bad.
> >
> >Why is this bad? There are plug-ins that are supposed to be completely
> >non-interactive. You call them from the menu, they do their job. What
> >is bad about that?
> It's bad because (a) it's disconcerting to the user, when 95% of plug-ins
> up a dialog, to have a couple that just plunge ahead, (b) Re-Show doesn't
> make sense when nothing is ever shown, and most importantly (c) it's
> impossible to summon help when there's no dialog.
> Separate response for other stuff.
>   -- Bill
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