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> I am not sure if it makes sense to speak of a Layers dialog here. This
> is just a dock that happens to contain the Layers tab (which should
> probably be called Layers dialog). What you describe here is the
> default setup but you cannot assume that the user does not customize
> this setup.

Hmm.  With Dialogs->Create New Dock you are given a choice of three
types of docks.  The Layers etc dock is special because it contains
the Layers menu at the top -- there is no way to put this menu in any
other dock.  Also the Layers dialog is something no user can live 
without.  Thus, this particular kind of flexibility is just an option
to make things awkward, so it seems reasonable to treat the Layers dialog,
as created by "Dialogs->Create New Dock->Layers, Channels & Paths" as
part of the standard interface, at least for purposes of describing
it to new users.

> "Movement Grouping Indicator" seems rather odd. Internally we speak
> about "linked items"; I'm not sure if this is used somewhere in the
> user interface also. This linked state does not only affect movement,
> it also applies to transformations.

So how about "Linkage Indicator", then?

  -- Bill


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