On Fri, Apr 02, 2004 at 01:03:43AM +0200, Baard Ove Kopperud wrote:
> I must shamefully admit that I have yet to try GIMP 2.0, so
> if adjustments-layers is part of it, then I appolegize for
> post.
> +++
> I've been using both PhotoShop and GIMP for some time, and
> one of the few things from PS I really *miss* in GIMP is
> the ability to make adjustment-layers -- i.e. layers that
> contains *only* adjustments (curves, levels, hue-sat., color
> balance) and not any picture... however, when you look at
> underlaying layers through it, they are as if you'd applied
> those adjustments to them.  Adjustment-layers makes it
> very easy to test out the result of multiple adjustments,
> as you can make several adjustment-layers and turn one or
> more of the visible -- thus applying that/those adjustments
> to the picture.

adjusted to what? is there an api for this?


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