Hi all,

Things are moving along nicely on the GUADEC front, and the new web content for the site is almost ready to go live. One thing that we're missing at the moment is some GIMP content for the site.

The GUADEC team are happy to give us a presence on the front page, with a link to GIMPCon resources. Jimmac will do a GIMPCon icon and we have a 2 or 3 line paragraph on GIMPCon, with a link through to a guadec GIMPCon site (basically, the list of gimp-related talks, and links through to the developer.gimp.org GIMPCon pages).

Does anyone have any ideas or preferences for the type of content we should have? How about improvements to propose for the dgo pages (which are pretty sparse at the moment)?

For everyone's information, 4 GIMP-related papers were accepted to GUADEC - Simon Budig on the future of vector imaging in the GIMP, Dave Neary on programming GIMP plug-ins, Dan Rogers on gegl and the GIMP, and Oyvind Kolas on gtk-cairo widgets (not really a GIMP talk, but we'll claim pippin anyway).

There are also a few other interesting graphics related talks - Liam Quin on typography and graphic design for programmers, Dave Coombes on WvSync (gstreamer internals talk), and Hubert Figuere, on Digital Photography in the GNOME environment. Oh, and Daniel Egger on docbook.

So all in all, looking interesting.


Dave Neary

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